Sunday, March 6, 2011


HOLLYWOOD HARDI-LEAKS continues its investigative reporting on Robert James Aiss owner of Renegade Management LTD, 8306 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90212..

Our continuing expose' of Robert James Aiss takes us into the Hollywood underworld which reveals an elaborate and organized plot to harvest male talent by deceptive means. Those desperately seeking fame and glamour may soon find themselves falling prey to the Colossal Cretan of Corruption unless he is exposed. Hollywood Hardi Leaks reveals THE SCAM that no one wants to tell.......

~ The Set-Up ~
Mr. Aiss begins his search online.  He looks for and subscribes to model and talent based websites such as Model Mayhem, a popular networking site for aspiring actors and models.  He opens an account with a fake name and photographs, and begins his search for his next victim.  His focus: young men between the ages of 18 to 21, attractive, fit, usually with little to no experience, and with little money. 

~ The Hook ~

Our research revealed that he possibly uses the screen names of “Black Ricco” and “Baseball Stud” on one particular site [Model Mayhem]. Using these fake names and pictures, he initiates contact with the aspiring actor posing as a current client. Essentially baiting the hook.

~ The Tale ~

Once Mr. Aiss finds his mark, he begins to tell them tall tales and promises that are obviously too good to be true... it would go something like.....

“Dude!  You need to call my talent manager, Robert Aiss, at Renegade Management in Beverly Hills TODAY on 310-454-6861. He's way cool, knows everybody here in Hollywood and got me totally up and running in just under a week.  So far I've earned over $18,000.00 through his bookings. He saw me looking at your site and expressed interest, so go for it.“ - Backslash m Slash - Model Mayhem

"ALL expenses paid, just get down here and I'll introduce you to many big wigs in the industry." – Rik Anders – Model Mayhem

~ The Shut Out ~

Our in-depth research found a male Model/Actor using the screen name Dan Becker, who openly stated, “I got the exact same e-mail and so did my roommate. When we called to talk to the guy (seperately) all he did was sexually harrass us and put us in sexual hypothetical situations. It’s not real, he's not legit.” - Ben Decker – Model Mayhem.

Another male Model/Actor using the screen name of Rik Anders stated that Robert James Aiss made promises like "ALL expenses paid, just get down here and I'll introduce you to many big wigs in the industry." He quickly came to the conclusion and closed his post with, “Yeah, can you say, RAPE!!!, Some pervert is out to get young guys that are have no clue what the hell they are doing really, including me, and trying to put the moves on them.... Hell to the NO!!!” - Rik Anders - Model Mayhem

We found another male Model/Actor using the screen name Jacques Du Toit stated "I got the same message , i think its a scam" - Jacques Du Toit - Model Mayhem

And yet another male Model/Actor using the screen name of  Caleb Quashen, who elaborated in his post, saying he had received a similar message from Robert Aiss, posing as Tim/Baseball Stud, and that when they spoke, he said that Robert Aiss talked a good game, had knowledge of the business, people and places, however he added that “definitely some sexual harassment and sexual scams.” “I read people really well and I think he just wants guys to have "friends with benefits" with in exchange for connections in the industry.” He further added that “he [Robert Aiss] put me in hypothetical same sex situations at black tie events with David Giffin along with some other very "forward" remarks” He closed his post with “He wants me to have a "meeting" with him at his house on Sunset Blvd in Pacific Palisades tonight in 7 minutes at 6, obviously I am not showing up. Hahah” - Caleb Quashen - Model Mayhem

These four individuals were lucky, but it was clear that many actor/models are becoming privy to Robert Aiss' tactics and quickly dispatch him as a fake, but it is Hollywood, someone is always hungry enough to take a short cut and predators are just lying in wait, ready to set you up… 

Robert James Aiss
The posts we found go on and on about Robert Aiss and his agency, Renegade Management LTD., of which we found and reported to be a none existing company. But how many innocent young men have fallen to this man's cat calls?   How many more will be lured to his apartment and be physically and/or emotionally scared?  How many more dreams will this guy shatter? And how many will continue to remain silent and allow this to continue?  

~ The Scam!!! ~

So as our research developed, Mr. Aiss' modus operandi became clear.  He searches the web to locate his targets, finds a prospective “client” that fits his profile and try's to get them to call. When they do, he begins to fill them with glamorous Hollywood dreams, but then the conversations turn dark…and the bait and switch was next....

Caleb Quashen stated that Robert James Aiss was suggesting to put him in “same sex situations at black tie events with David Giffin.”  David Geffen, an American record executive, film producer, theatrical producer and philanthropist.  Estimated with a net worth at 6.0 Billion and ranked number 52 by Forbes Magazine. making him one of the richest people in the entertainment industry.  Openly Gay, in 2007 Out Magazine ranked Geffen first in their list of the fifty "Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America. Seems unlikely that  the Portly Pauper would have any connections with Geffen.......  But then again, we are talking about the Hollywood Underground..... Is there a scandal brewing?

Honestly Hollywood, I for one, am not going to judge anyone’s lifestyle, or what they do in the privacy of their own bedrooms, however;

1. Why is the Stouty Sultan of Sin contacting all of these prospective MALE actors, filling them with Hollywood Hoop Dreams and then suggesting sexual situations with a prominent Hollywood figure?

2. Is Mr. Aiss tempting young and naive newcomers to Hollywood, and only after getting off the bus, find themselves in a darker situation? 

3. Could Mr. Aiss be building a “Mister” like situation in Hollywood, catering to the Hollywood elite?

4. Is there a connection between Robert Aiss, David Geffen and some "funky cold medina" for starry eyed teens?

5. Is Robert Aiss really a Talent Manager or is he  managing a Sultry Stable of Studs for a different purpose?

Inquiring minds definitely want to know!  If you have a story to tell, we would be happy to communicate anonymously!

For Hollywood Hardi-Leaks, I’m Harden Thicke… More to cum!


  1. Anonymous12:32:00 PM

    You hit this guy right on the head... He is on Facebook now pulling the same crap.... I will be forwarding this site to my friends. Its a shame guys like this give the legitimate professionals a bad name...

  2. Anonymous9:09:00 AM

    Robert tried this same scam on me, only he did not get far. He's a predator and needs to be stopped

  3. Anonymous9:25:00 AM

    As a member of the Talent Managers Association, (TMA)

    We promote and encourage the highest standards of professional ethics and behavior in the practice of talent management. Further, the Association seeks to enhance the entertainment industry by its presence and involvement within it. TMA is self regulating and stands for ethics and integrity in the field of Talent Management. Tactics like these are NOT ETHICAL and certainly do not meet our standards of professionalism and only paints our peers in a bad light. Honestly, I rather not see this aired out in a public forum, but I can see why it probably should be. He is a menace to society.

    If you are looking for professionals, look to whom they are affiliated with.

  4. Anonymous2:40:00 PM

    Whoa!! that one guy had it right. RUN!!!!!

  5. Anonymous10:52:00 AM

    Not sure about the whole David Geffen connection, he is not that connected, he sure would like people to think he is though, but the scam is 100 percent right on.. He's such a loser and he is nobody in the industry..

  6. Anonymous5:40:00 PM

    Friend of mine almost got scammed by this guy. My buddy chickened out of traveling cross country at the last minute. Good thing too.. He does say all the right things, but you just never know who your dealing with. Thank you hardi leaks, we need more people like you who are not afraid of exposing guys like these!

  7. Anonymous1:28:00 PM

    This man try to scam me while i was working at Abercrombie in Pasadena. He is a creeper and is trying to get into your pants. Also he tried to recruit my friends at Costco and said the same BS he told me to my friends.

  8. Anonymous7:18:00 AM

    Rumor has it that he's been doing this since the 70's in the Baltimore/ Washington music scene...He's as bad as the nsync dude and many other deplorable characters

  9. Anonymous4:20:00 PM

    This guy offered to perform oral sex on me in the early 1980's for money. He is a sick puppy! He flew The Vamps out from Baltimore and was having sex with the guitar player all under the ruse he would get them a deal with Atlantic. He tried butt slamming members of Wrathchild, Kix and Manikin all from Baltimore/Washington D.C. area. He claims to have been Alan Kleins assistant with the Beatles. VERY DANGEROUS gay blade!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous1:08:00 PM

    There is a shady character that goes by the name Kyle Carol. He claims to be with CAA - Commercial Sports Agency and he trolls around in his silver Porsche Cayman. Do not believe him. He is about 5'9" slightly stocky size and is African American. He talks very fast and gets very short with people and has a bad temper. General rule of thumb is, if someone claims to work at an agency, then immediately ask for their business card and then call up that agency and ask the receptionist if that person works there. If person gets easily upset at you for calling them out, then that is an indication that they are lying to you. There are tons of scammers and bad people out there. Use your best judgement.

  11. If anyone has additonal information on Kyle Carol, we would like to learn about this persons activities. All information is confidential..

  12. Anonymous7:30:00 PM

    This guy is extremely dangerous!! Check out his bullshit Facebook page! He says he's an Eagle Scout and received an award from President Johnson etc etc. Google: People V Aiss to read about him convicted of trying to rape a 15 year old boy!! This guy is a
    P R E D A T O R and should be locked up!