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Monday, July 22, 2013

Chasity Clark - Double Life of Zendaya Coleman’s Manager Exposed!

Fame, Fraud and Felonies of the Crooked Kitty of Alameda County - How Chasity Clark made her way into the White House.

Chasity Clark’s attempts to have a life of “Stewardship” and a role model for young ladies are riddled in criminal misconduct and illicit acts of moral turpitude and how her deception got her into the White House and a one on one sit down with President Obama. Let’s examine the Crafty Ex-Con and how she is able to hide her double life from the real world.

Publicly, Chasity Clark is Zendaya Coleman's Manager/Aunt, as well as an entrepreneur, a motion picture executive producer, the founder of LaMiss Inc., Destination Fit4LA, Covenant Funding and Covenant Real Estate. Headquartered in the City of Angels, California, Clark’s alleged sales rank her among the top percentage of Realtors nationwide.  

According to her website, Chasity Clark is a licensed realtor, specializes in capital management, lending and real estate investment.  She claims 20 straight quarters in the National Association of Mortgage Brokers Presidents Club and was number 12 out of over 6800 brokers producing for wholesale lenders nationwide.  She was also named number three on the highest producing brokers in California. Her business development expertise, negotiation skills, market knowledge and no-nonsense, results-driven approach have been a recipe for success.

But wait a minute muchachos!!!  There is a dark side…. Her no-nonsense sales and negotiation training began, not where you may think, but on the mean streets of Oakland, California. 

The Deceitful Diva’s Double life is riddled with criminal convictions and police investigations involving various dishonest acts in the nature of Identity Theft, Felony False Personation, Felony Forgery, Fraud and Receiving/Selling Stolen Property that were committed in an effort to obtain money or property illicitly from unsuspecting victims, in the San Francisco Bay area.  Her rein of terror ultimately landed her fifty-six (56) days in county jail, a slew of fines and supervised probation.

Don’t take my word for it; check out the proliferation of cases for yourself…. Here are the corroborating case numbers from Alameda County, California: 1) 115623, 2) 115019, 3) 372407, 4) 135766, 5) 442196, 6) 371140, 7) 370627.

So how does a convicted forger and identity thief get to meet the President of the United States?  Yep, that’s her on the far right, two feet from the first family and twelve feet from the most powerful man in the world. You guessed it.... By stepping over other people....

Meet Zendaya Coleman, an up and coming Disney Super Star and niece of Chasity Clark, aka Chasity Richette Tillman.  She just so happens to also be Zendaya’s manager, according to Ms. Clark.  

Sources close to Zendaya’s camp reveal that the Disney Diva is aware of her Aunties illicit activities.  These same sources revealed that she [Clark] was in control of the entire White House event from coordinating the acts to holding the White House security passes.  Mr. President, check your pockets, because I think your wallet might have been lifted.  Or were the American tax Payers Pockets Picked?  Did any of our hard working tax payer dollars go to the benefit of this convicted criminal?  Oh yea, I went there!!!

Zendaya Coleman is definitely a hot commodity for Disney/Buena Vista.  She stars in the hit Disney Channel sitcom “Shake it up” as Rocky Blue, and was a recent contestant on ABC’s, Dancing with the Stars.  Followed by millions of fans, mostly in the teen demographic, it’s hard to believe her association with the Crooked Kitty of Alameda County.

Disney has to be aware of Ms. Zendaya’s business dealings and who is working behind the scenes on her behalf…  Chasity Clark is quoted, “Stewardship is a habit”… Is this the type of “stewardship” mentoring our next generation, or are future forgers and identity thieves in our horizons?  

Stay tuned for answers to these and other question regarding Sex, Lies and dare I say Videotape…..

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  1. Anonymous9:11:00 PM

    This woman should be ashamed of herself! My daughter follows Zendaya and its a shame this trash hangs her hat on such a sweet girl.

  2. Hollywood Dell Resident10:05:00 AM


    I think she is a hooker who is bringing down my neighborhood. Go back to the streets, you street walker.

  3. Hollywood Dell 210:06:00 AM

    Chasity and her sons are wannabe rich, I want them out of here. Stop dirtying our neighborhood, dirty hood rats.

  4. Justin W10:08:00 AM

    I cant believe Chasity is a crook. She acts so sweet, but she is apparently just a common peasant. Go home!

  5. Chasity:

    I knew from the cards that you were trouble.
    Go home or go to jail, just go!

  6. Chasity:

    Stop lying girl, you create a parking mess for me and my true neighbors. I am tired of your menacing ways. Just stop hosting porn parties.

  7. Where's my money bitch? She stole my identity in Oakland. She is a demon! Stewardship to my foot up her ass. I know you are garbage.

  8. Anonymous7:48:00 AM

    I read this article and wanted to vomit. Poor zendaya hanging with this convict.
    Her only talent is being a conniving lil bitch. Put leash on her. She needs to kick rocks.
    By the way don't forget garage sale at end of August for all dell residents

  9. Anonymous10:07:00 PM

    whoever wrote this is FULL of shit!! and a vindictive idiot!!

  10. Jerry M.5:19:00 PM

    Wow, this is crazy!!! Don't these stars do background checks? Typical trash trying to hide between the lines.. thanks for publishing this article.. Now I know who to stay away from!

  11. Anonymous9:36:00 AM

    I've known Chasity for over 20 years and regardless of whether she committed a crime in the past, by the way author it is extremely irresponsible not to mention the time period of when the crime may have been committed, Chasity is an amazing mother, friend and person who is always giving to others and volunteers her time, knowledge and money to helping those underprivileged. This entire site is harassment and I will be reporting it as such. I'm all for freedom of speech but be responsible and stop spreading hatred!!!

  12. Anonymous11:04:00 AM

    I have dealt with chasity and she is total bullshit artist.. shes a total hip a critical liar thats in denial and never holds herself accountable to those victims she damaged a will continue to damage. You think you can hide your past by giving away money that you never earned or get a head in life by hiding behind some little girl.. or pretent you some visionary with your "secret" double talk... please bitch karma just caught up to you..

  13. Anonymous9:27:00 AM

    We rented a house of Chasity Cark this summer in LA. We paid € 5000 deposit. We left the house in perfect shape and without anything broken.
    We asked 3 times for refunding our deposit...and only after one month she responded with saying a window was broken. In this mail, 30 days after we left the house, he ended a invoice per mail demanding $ 11 600 for the window that we have never broken.
    What a lady. We think we are ripped for $5000 by Chasity Clark and will go to Court.

    Bart Maes, Antwerp, Belgium

  14. Anonymous12:43:00 PM

    True that is crazy, but I mean who doesn't make mistakes? Don't belittle someone for something they had done in the past. I'm happy for her and she is doing her thing, and I don't think she really cares about these comments cause at the end of the day she got money like that

  15. Anonymous1:45:00 PM

    Chasity was in my cycle class trying to get me to invest in a movie entitled BLOWOUT! She is simply a blowhard. I feel sorry for zendaya and her family to be associated with this circus animal. Keep riding the bike you look bloated chasity